The Vision

Proposed Development

In 2021, Black Bear Ridge was acquired by new owners who are embracing the original vision of maturing the property from a regional golf facility into a full, four season resort with commercial, entertainment, and recreational amenities complemented by surrounding residential and mixed-use development.

After receiving unanimous support from Belleville's City Council in 2022, a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) was adopted which applies to portions of the land at Black Bear Ridge. Uses now permitted on site include expanded resort facilities (clubhouse, spa, hotel and additional resort accommodations) together with up to 3,049 residential housing units, subject to further engineering and consultation.

Guiding Principles

  • Minimize Impact of Existing Land

    Establish a design that protects and enhances the environmental and ecological features on the property.

  • Provide a Variety of Housing Types

    Focus on delivering a variety of built forms and housing options to accommodate a diverse and growing population.

  • Create Year Round Activities & Programming

    Establish and promote a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and active lifestyle amenities for residents and guests.

  • Implement Sustainable and Passive Design Solutions

    Utilize common sense, cost effective design and architectural solutions which mitigate the negative impact of development on our environment.

Timeline / Process

With Zoning secured through the Minister's Zoning Order, we are now seeking approval from the City of Belleville of a Master Plan and Draft Plan of Subdivison for the Site. See expected timeline below.

Engagement Opportunities

On Tuesday April 11, 2023 a developer-led public meeting was held in person at Black Bear Ridge, where we shared our guiding principles and a preliminary concept sketch. Over 70 community members attended the event and over 35 questions were answered by our team of consultants.

A second developer-led public meeting is planned for spring 2024, where a more detailed plan will be presented, prior to preliminary submission to the City of Belleville. Once both public and City comments are received, we will assess opportunities for improvements to the plan based on these comments. If you would like to keep informed on future public consultation, please complete the form below.

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