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Black Bear Ridge Village

Project History

In the early 1980’s, developer Brian Magee began acquiring agricultural properties on Harmony Road, just west of Highway 37 in Corbyville. Initially serving as a hunting retreat for family and friends, Magee would eventually conceptualize an international golf destination with on-site resort accommodations, world class practice facilities and plans for hundreds of homes in the lands surrounding the golf course.

After several years of construction, Black Bear Ridge opened as a public golf course in 2005 and was immediately ranked among the best new courses in Canada.

Proposed Development

In 2021, Black Bear Ridge was acquired by new owners who are embracing the original vision of maturing the property from a regional golf facility into a full, four season resort with commercial, entertainment, and recreational amenities complemented by surrounding residential and mixed-use development.

After receiving unanimous support from Belleville's City Council in 2022, a zoning order was adopted which applies to portions of the land at Black Bear Ridge. Uses now permitted on site include expanded resort facilities (clubhouse, spa, hotel and additional resort accommodations) together with up to 3,049 residential housing units, subject to further engineering and consultation.

With the assistance of a team of experts, a visioning brief has been prepared to guide the Master Plan process. Below is a summary of some of the guiding principles used.

Guiding principles

Strong Sense of Belonging and Sense of Community

  • Complete community

    Provide opportunities to live, work, play and create.

  • Built form diversity

    Provide a variety of built forms to accommodate a growing population and supply of housing.

  • Year-round activities

    Indoor and outdoor activities and amenities for residents and guests such as cross country skiing, snowshoeing, river fishing and activities, birdwatching, nature walks, spa amenities, outdoor concerts/live shows in addition to great golf.

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